As The Lord Wills

Glen Berry

THE ATTITUDE of the child of God, the Christian, should be and MUST be, “As the Lord wills,” and as Jesus Himself expressed to God the Father, “Not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”

I  don’t care how large the thing considered, or how small, we should seek the Lord’s will. God is real. He sees all; He controls all; He is concerned with all that is in the life of His children. Nothing is too small  to take to Him. And with His almighty power—He has all power—nothing is too difficult for Him.  “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

It honors God, and it glorifies Him, for us to take all things to Him.  To the extent that we don’t, to that extent we are living as practical atheists!  So moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, GO TO HIM with your needs and questions, and requests.

An old story is  told, perhaps that occurred in England, of a man telling his friend he was going to a certain town on a certain day. The friend said, “You mean ‘If the Lord wills,’ you will go.’ ”

The man, having such necessity and desire to go, replied, “I am going whether the Lord wills it or not.”

So he started off. But on the way something frightened the horse, and in its wild fright the  carriage, in which the man was riding, turned over, throwing the man out, doing  some damage to his person and destroying the carriage.

Some days latter, when the man had recovered and gotten another carriage, he saw his friend again. Still he must make that trip to the other  town, so he told his friend that on a certain day he was going to that  town.

Before his friend could make any reply about the past accident or the man’s future plans, the man himself said,

“I mean if it is the Lord’ s will, I will go.”

He had learned an essential spiritual lesson.

I hope we will go through life KNOWING and practicing this lesson and eternal truth, without facing a disciplinary accident or action in order to teach us.  Be quick to follow, heed, and obey the very word of God.

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